Episode 001. The Queen Bee School and How I Became a Lady Boss

Welcome to the first ever episode of the Queen Bee School, the podcast where women and mothers explore how to grow and strategize their hustle, strike a balance between work and life, and own who we really are. The Queen Bee School is all about taking major advantage of the magic that happens when badass lady bosses support each other, share with each other, learn from each other…

We’re here to tackle life as a motivated and ambitious lady boss (or hopeful!), whether you’re an entrepreneur, blogger, freelancer. From practical tips to growing your blog from full-time blogger and host Cheryl Malik to learning how to set boundaries in your creative business, knowing where to start when you have an idea for a product to sharing the terror that defines the beginning of each entrepreneurial journey, we’re covering the lives and labors of modern women and mothers who want to break out of that worker bee mindset and own their own hives.

And yeah, there are probably two too many bee/honey metaphors per episode. Deal with it (or buzz off [OH GOD! I’m so sorry.]).

On our very first episode, I, your hostess, Cheryl Malik, am sharing my own personal story. I came to entrepreneurship the same way any epic 1700s relationship begins: lots of über-subtle flirting and letter-writing, pining despite my family-appointed destiny, staring out the window on a stormy day with one fist at my chest, crumpling up the letter I’d penned finally breaking off that damn marriage-to-not-you-baby in the other.

Er, something like that.

Translation? There were dozens of moments in my life where, had I listened or felt confident, I’d have realized that entrepreneurship was, at its core, the love of my life. But, for a variety of reasons, as I outline in the episode, I passed over this possibility time and time again, taking it on only as a side piece, until it finally all clicked. From there, I expanded my skills, grew my business, and strategized my blog. Today I work as a full-time blogger at 40 Aprons, I have a stacked client base as a freelance designer, digital marketing consultant, and blog and business coach, and I’m the editor in chief at NoFilter | Modern Woman and Mother.

The Queen Bee School is the manifestation of my truest passion: helping women define their unique skills and set them up with businesses that are built for success. I’ve worked with so many women to do this, empowering them to make their own choices and design their own lives, and I can’t wait to turn my work into actionable courses, resources, and coaching programs. On The Queen Bee School, we’re talking all about the things you need to be a happy and successful entrepreneur, blogger, or freelancer as a modern women and mother.

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