Episode 002. Jessica Lyons and Being a Work-From-Home Mom

Meet Jessica Lyons: a down-to-earth creative entrepreneur and work-from-home mom with a sense of humor. This week on The Queen Bee School, we’re talking to Jessica about how she came up with her idea for an apparel and home goods line of products, how she gets a damn thing done with the kids are at home, and her suggestions for other work-from-home moms.

Jessica is the founder and HBIC at Two Bits Design Co., a Southern-inspired apparel and home goods company that creates products inspired by and to become heirlooms. With a true spirit of grit and gumption, Jessica is a real Queen Bee, making her own way and her own business based on what moves her. And as a full-time work-from-home mom? Jessica’s accomplishments are even more impressive.

Check out Two Bits’ shop, especially their Christmas-inspired linetwobitsdesignco.com, at .

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