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Meet Jessica Lyons: a down-to-earth creative entrepreneur and work-from-home mom with a sense of humor. This week on The Queen Bee School, we’re talking to Jessica about how she came up with her idea for an apparel and home goods line of products, how she......

Welcome to the first ever episode of the Queen Bee School, the podcast where women and mothers explore how to grow and strategize their hustle, strike a balance between work and life, and own who we really are. The Queen Bee School is all about taking......

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About Cheryl

Cheryl Malik is a full-time blogger, entrepreneur, and the founder of The Queen Bee School. Inspired by her passion to help women illuminate their unique skills and create a sustainable business from them, The Queen Bee School is the women’s and mother’s guide to starting and growing a hustle for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Cheryl’s known for her down-to-earth but confident personality and unsuspected humor, and her strategic mind and enthusiasm make her an amazing resource to female entrepreneurs, whether they’re just beginning or looking to make their 40th hire.

Cheryl is the writer and photographer at 40 Aprons, a Whole30 and paleo blog, as well as the editor-in-chief at NoFilter | Modern Woman + Mother, and founder of Better Food Blogging. She offers her design and digital marketing services to businesses, and she works one-on-one with bloggers and entrepreneurs to define their niche and unique talents, grow their hustle, reach more people, and make more money.